The Vigilantes

S01 E01 Epilogue
Do it for Whisper Meadows
The metal hatch swung open and out climbed the group of Vigilantes, the Hutt of them the last to squeeze out with the help of his Nikto goon. Darnekk nervously glanced about, watching his new companions collect themselves. He'd led them to one of the tight passages of the long disused industrial area. The Gossam's heart was racing, the gunfight in the sewer didn't help fortify his decision to stay and fight in the slightest. Every fiber of Darnekk's being wanted to run, to be away from this violence and the bloodshed, but he knew he had to stay, he couldn't turn his back on what he had started in Whisper Meadows, despite biting off way more than he could chew.
They made their way to Neon Strip, keeping to the tight passages and confines the entire way. The journey would take several hours, but they avoided any unwanted attention. Darnekk kept ahead of the Vigilantes, making to stay within earshot. A new worry was gnawing at the nervous Gossam; The Clock Tower and its owner Tek'teno and what he had failed to mention. The Nautolan had offered his place as a stronghold for Darnekk's cell, but that was before everything began to split at the seams, so he had no idea where the man's loyalty now sat. 
After ascending down a rattling elevator, the group of Vigilantes emerged out onto the choked Neon Strip from a tight service passage. Darnekk jabbed a long finger toward a distant clock face, its giant scale hanging stories above the neon illuminated strip, its time frozen on the glowing red digits 13:13. Suddenly the sound of the crowd was drowned out by the methodical clunk-clunk of a heavy walker. The Vigilantes shrunk back into the tight passage, narrowly avoiding the two legged war machine and the dozen or so Shykers in tow behind it.
"You lot go ahead," Diori rumbled in his heavyly accented basic. "They're looking for a Hutt, I'll stand out like bantha balls. Kupa, go with them, keep them safe." The Vigilantes looked to one another, gathered themselves and slipped into the crowd, staying out of sight of the Shykers. Darnekk was the last to leave the safety of the passage, although he didn't make it far before the intimidating rumble of the Hutt reeled him back. He turned and slowly looked up at the slug that was now looming over him. Diori fixed his enormous eyes onto the smaller creature and rumbled in Huttese.
"They mo gootu nopa find kickee surprises tonka ya, Gossam…" muttered Diori, the words rumbling from his giant maw in that way only huttese could. Darnekk swallowed and quickly caught up with the others.
S01 E01 Do it for Whisper Meadows
"They're coming," whispered the Rodian in his native tongue. His companion, a thin Deaon, nodded and pulled up the crude rocket tube to his chest. The Rodian peaked back over the ruined hab-block, focusing his battered electrobinoculars back on the approaching convoy of stark grey Shyke vehicles.
"How many?" asked the Deaon as he slid a HE rocket into the tube. The Rodian's snout twitched as he silently counted the vehicles and their soldier escort.
"Two speeders, two six-wheelers, one walker, and maybe twenty men," reported the Rodian, not looking away from their target. The Deaon paled at the announcement of a walker. 
"A walker!? Darnekk said nothing about a walker!" The Deaon's voice was loud, too loud, it made the Rodian cringe and quickly duck back out of sight.
"What did you expect? They'd keep letting their convoys get attacked?" 
"Well, but…" the Deaon trailed off, his grip of the rocket tube slackening. The Rodian scooped up his blaster carbine from where it had been laying.
"If you don't want to do this, then go! Look, no one said fighting for our homeblock would be easy. If we die today then so be it, but if it helps the cause even by the smallest bit then I say its worth it. Do you think Greybird was liberated in a day? No. Do you think that nobody died? Of course people died, but their lives bought them freedom! And that's something we've never known, and never will if we keep letting those Shyke bastards grind us into the dirt! And I don't know about you, brother, but I'm sick of the taste of dirt." The Rodian stared at his friend, his long fingered hand gripping his shoulder tightly. The Deaon slowly nodded and lifted the launcher with a new fire burning bright in his eyes. The Rodian smirked and stood with his friend. "Make them burn, brother. Do it for our people. Do it for Whisper Meadows."
Burst #32091

And So It Begins

The Scion groaned as he slowly came to amidst the carnage brought on by his own. Pain shot up his broken back when he tried to move. Over the din of the chaos he heard angry voices drawing near. The mob emerged from the smoke, someone spotting the still breathing Scion sprawled out across the top of the four-wheeler. The Scion saw the mass of people approach. Knowing what was to tome, he began searching for a weapon but only managed to find his battered vibro dagger. The mob screamed obscenities at the Scion as they bore down on him. Still laying upside down, the Scion weakly swung the knife back and forward until it was wrestled from his grip. The Scion's vision became nothing but leering faces screaming a cacophony of hate. They dragged him from the top of the speeder, letting him discover a new definition of pain as his broken spine was twisted and yanked. They flung him to the ground and began booting mob-justice into him. Eventually they dispersed, stepping away one by one from the pulped Scion, all except for one who remained. In his hand he clutched a glowing brand, and with a satisfied smirk he seared a defiant fist into the man's contorted skull. 

Season 1 Episode 0 - And So It Begins

Season 1 Episode 0 
And So It Begins

"Well Vigilantes, here we are, at the start. Its early days, you lot have been fighting the good fight against the filth, using your skills to make them hurt. Until now us Vigilantes have been making them bastards hurt, but they're getting smart, digging in a little more, treating us as less of a joke and more of an actual threat. And so it begins, the real fight. We're gonna be taking on these bastards dug in, so our usual approach of just smashing them hard is getting less effective, we're gonna need precision. So that's where you come in, you see? The boss, she's setting up something special, and you've got the honour of being the first to try it out. So, stop whatever you're doing and head to bay 12 of Greybird within the next hour,  they'll be a ride waiting for you."

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