Diori Besadii Yuuzong

Hutt Propagandist/Entrepreneur


Diori Besadii Yuuzong – Concept:

- “No-one, son of no-one, and heir to nothing”. These were the words that had driven Diori out from the shadows of his Kajidic, and the relative safety that neutral hutt space had held for him.

- Easily recognisable, not only as one of the few hutts to be seen around Geharr, but by the large collar around his neck, bearing the Besadii sigil. Whilst Diori would have others believe that it was an heirloom of great worth, in truth he had commissioned it himself as one of his last acts before departing from his clan. Nevertheless, the collar is unique; crafted from precious metals, and an ominous reminder of the influence any hutt, especially one of that name, can wield in the world.

- Unlike many older well-known hutt’s, Diori still moves around of his own volition, with aid only from a walking stick or staff. To not use a palanquin may be a choice of price or differentiation from other hutt-kin; however it is more than likely intended to have full range of motion, to react to ones surroundings. WG3 is a dangerous place, after all.

- There was plentiful, if not anecdotal, evidence that Diori had been a debatably successful “venture capitalist” with the Scions upon his arrival to WG3 years ago. His later involvement with the Vigilantes was not so dissimilar; after all, like most hutts, Diori’s loyalties lie with the highest bidder, those most well-informed, and of course, with himself.



Diori Besadii Yuuzong

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