Nyx Themis

An idealistic runaway - Twi'Lek Charmer




Nyx Themis comes from an upper-middle-class family on Ryloth. Her father, Voss, holds an advisory role with the Imperial Protectorate while her mother, Helia, is the managing partner of a small trading consortium. Her childhood had been spent inside her family’s walled estate on the fringes of the capital.

After her family brought in a new servant, a low-class Twi’Lek named Fenna, she was finally exposed to the nature of circumstances outside the walls of her home. The hours she spent with Fenna were full of stories; the hardships of the labour camps, the midnight arrests, the battles and victories of the Free Ryloth Movement. Nyx was enthralled. Having had such a sheltered life, she was quick to romanticise the notion of rebellion, of fighting for her people.

A few short weeks after arriving, Fenna was gone. Nyx went to her father for an explanation only to have him explain that he had uncovered ties to the insurgency against the Protectorate and had handed her over to the authorities. She was furious with him, and they fought until he lashed out with such hurtful words about her childishness and spoiled nature that she resigned herself to leaving.

With her parent’s power and influence, she knew she would need to cover her trail to keep them from finding her and that the quickest way to achieve that was to get offworld. The idea of leaving behind Ryloth as her very first act of fighting for it pained her deeply, but it had to be done.

She left in the dead of night, taking her father’s pistol and a loaded cred stick. Having name-dropped and sweet-talked her way through the security checkpoint, she hopped a freighter belonging to one of her mother’s rival businesses and booked passage to one of the fringe worlds Fenna had told her was sympathetic to the Rebellion.

This was, however, Nyx’s first lesson in her own naivete – that a freighter captain approached by a lone teenager, and given a loaded cred stick, would take them where they wanted to go.

Nyx Themis

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