Brakev Tujeer

Nohgri Enforcer


Brakev was sixteen and off planet when his home was devastated in the Battle of Honoghr. While the toxin (Trihexalophine1138) ravaged his native world he was travelling on his first clan mission to escort trade goods to the Mid-Rim sectors. When the news reached them, they were stopped over briefly at Ord Gimmel and that’s when his new life began. Their ships were quarantined for fear of toxin spreading (despite his clan’s repeated statements that they had left before the disaster) and the expenses began to mount up. Within a few short months the clan was bankrupt and stranded without the possibility of return home. While there may have been opportunities for individuals to leave, they stayed together to sustain each other in their shared shame of failure and despair. Brakev has never been home.

In the intervening years, the Clan has eked out a precarious existence within WG03 but they have dwindled in size. None of any his immediate Clan grouping has survived the frequent violence and Brakav has settled most of his issues with his teeth or claws and a sturdy old gaffi-stick that he’d obtained in an early encounter with some slavers. He loathes the gang lifestyle that he’s been forced to live but can see no alternative. He’s heard that, at home, his people are actively working with the Empire in an effort to restore his home world but he cannot help but blame the galaxy at large for this entire situation. He is suspicious that the nineteen years since the battle have not seen his planet’s condition, according to infrequent reports, improve and he is starting to believe that the Empire are not actively helping at all. On this planet he relies on his strength and fierce manner to get by but tries to avoid any gang involvement. Recently he’s even intentionally sabotaged a few gang activities in a frustrated attempt to strike out at the world that has stranded him here. At the moment he’s angry. He’s angry at his loss of honour. He’s angry at the disreputable society he’s forced to exist within. He’s angry at the planetary authorities for stranding him here. He’s angry at the smell of the ramshackle hive society he’s forced to move through. Probably more importantly, he’s angry enough to start doing something about it.


Brakev Tujeer

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