Darnekk Giddle

Silver tongued Gossam


Darnekk isn’t a soldier, nor is he a tactical genius, although he did have the moxie to start a uprising against the diminishing Scions of his homeblock Whisper Meadows. His little cell, inspired by Salana’s Vigilantes of Greybird, launched hit and run attacks again Scion territory which had already been weakened due to conflicts with Shykers. Darnekk’s cell quickly crumbled when it drew the attention of the Shykers once the Scion control had completely slipped.

It wasn’t obvious until Darnekk’s cell was all but eliminated, but the Shykers had been allowing them to attack the Scions, using them as a resource to assist in their takeover of Whisper Meadows. As soon as the Scions were routed, the Shykers acted quickly to quash Darnekk’s cell.

Darnekk is a charismatic Gossam who leads with a silver tongue. Up until his morale had broken, Darnekk could spur on his vigilantes with inspiring words alone. Although this type of leadership quickly crumbled the moment it was really tested. Although not a suitable leader for The Vigilantes, he is still a invaluable resource to the liberation of Whisper Meadows from the Shykers with his intimate local knowledge and vast array of contacts.


Darnekk Giddle

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