The Vigilantes

S01 E01 Epilogue

Do it for Whisper Meadows

The metal hatch swung open and out climbed the group of Vigilantes, the Hutt of them the last to squeeze out with the help of his Nikto goon. Darnekk nervously glanced about, watching his new companions collect themselves. He'd led them to one of the tight passages of the long disused industrial area. The Gossam's heart was racing, the gunfight in the sewer didn't help fortify his decision to stay and fight in the slightest. Every fiber of Darnekk's being wanted to run, to be away from this violence and the bloodshed, but he knew he had to stay, he couldn't turn his back on what he had started in Whisper Meadows, despite biting off way more than he could chew.
They made their way to Neon Strip, keeping to the tight passages and confines the entire way. The journey would take several hours, but they avoided any unwanted attention. Darnekk kept ahead of the Vigilantes, making to stay within earshot. A new worry was gnawing at the nervous Gossam; The Clock Tower and its owner Tek'teno and what he had failed to mention. The Nautolan had offered his place as a stronghold for Darnekk's cell, but that was before everything began to split at the seams, so he had no idea where the man's loyalty now sat. 
After ascending down a rattling elevator, the group of Vigilantes emerged out onto the choked Neon Strip from a tight service passage. Darnekk jabbed a long finger toward a distant clock face, its giant scale hanging stories above the neon illuminated strip, its time frozen on the glowing red digits 13:13. Suddenly the sound of the crowd was drowned out by the methodical clunk-clunk of a heavy walker. The Vigilantes shrunk back into the tight passage, narrowly avoiding the two legged war machine and the dozen or so Shykers in tow behind it.
"You lot go ahead," Diori rumbled in his heavyly accented basic. "They're looking for a Hutt, I'll stand out like bantha balls. Kupa, go with them, keep them safe." The Vigilantes looked to one another, gathered themselves and slipped into the crowd, staying out of sight of the Shykers. Darnekk was the last to leave the safety of the passage, although he didn't make it far before the intimidating rumble of the Hutt reeled him back. He turned and slowly looked up at the slug that was now looming over him. Diori fixed his enormous eyes onto the smaller creature and rumbled in Huttese.
"They mo gootu nopa find kickee surprises tonka ya, Gossam…" muttered Diori, the words rumbling from his giant maw in that way only huttese could. Darnekk swallowed and quickly caught up with the others.



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